What is CPD?

What is CPD

What is Continuing Professional Development ( CPD) ?

This is a process of lifelong learning to complement undergraduate and postgraduate education and training. It is to held psychiatrists to acquire new skills and knowledge and keep up to date with their practice.


For whom is the SLCPsych CPD programme?

The CPD program conducted by the College is for Consultant Psychiatrists and Acting Psychiatrists who are members of the College.


How to use CPD online?

  1. Register- Once application is approved you will get an email informing you of this
  2. Log in
  3. Under Applications enter CPD application, peer group application and all forms
  4. Update your CPD hours using CPD submissions
  5. Once you have collected more than 50 hours Submit final CPD application
  6. After verification of your submission you will be informed that your certificate is ready to be printed by using CPD certificate


CPD book by Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists – Download by clicking the link below