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Essential drug procurement to assist patients without psychiatric medication during the economic crisis

by adm-uxr-slcpsych | July 27, 2022

Due to the current economic crisis a severe shortage of medication occured in the country for all medications. Many important medications used to treat mental illness were to run out as well and patients and their families would have faced immense distress if this were to happen. Increased rated of depression, anxiety, substance misuse, psychosis and even violence and suicide may have resulted if the patients did not get their medication.

The Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists essential medication procurement campaign reached out to wellwishers within the psychiatry community in Sri Lanka and abroad as well as individuals and donor agencies invested in better mental health to asssus is in obtaining medications to support the mentally ill.

Many donations of medications have been received by generous donors and have been distributed across the country to government hospital mental health units easing the burden on the most needy patients with mental illness.

The Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists wholeheartedly thank our donors for participating in this worthy cause.